Hacktoberfest 2019

23 Oct 2019

Originally posted at https://tech.labs.oliverwyman.com/blog/2019/10/23/hacktoberfest-2019/

It’s October, so once again it’s Hacktoberfest! This is an annual Open Source event, held since 2014 in the month of October. For the first one, it was just Digitalocean saying ‘do 50 commits on public repositories in October and we’ll send you a t-shirt‘. 676 people signed up, and 505 achied the goal. After that, they partnered with Github, and made it ‘do four pull requests in October’ (I think it was five one year?) and last year 46,088 people managed to complete it. This year it’s been so popular they’ve had to say that only the first 50,000 people to complete will get a t-shirt, which tells you something about the popularity of Open Source work these days.

I didn’t know about the first year, but I’ve got the other four t-shirts, and I’m hoping for a fifth this time around. My four PRs are:

You’ve still got about half of October left, so you should have enough time to get your own submissions in. I’d note you can make multiple submissions to a single project, provided they’re actually reasonable items (there’s a mechanism for project owners to mark PRs as junk to solve the problem of people submitting bogus PRs to try and get a t-shirt). Good luck!

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