NineWorlds 2014 writeup

13 Aug 2014


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Despite having had the last couple of days off, I hadn't managed a NineWorlds writeup yet. That I basically went plonk on Monday is part of the reason, but hey, here I am now. When you look at the list of stuff I did, you may understand. Also, this is probably missing many things I can't remember. Note to self: write notes.

So, awesome things already mentioned elsewhere: The @9Waccess communication tags. Started off with a blue and a yellow, later finding out that the yellow wasn't so useful for how my head works, but that the red ones are very handy for the mid-con "and now I'm just shattered" periods. Blue one also acted as a conversation starter earlier, as many folks weren't aware of them. Will be bringing my set along to Loncon3, and if I'm organised enough today, will bring extras for others :)

Cosplay: All the cosplay, all the time. Felt like almost half the people were in cosplay sometimes. I only had my Jayne hat, but wore it for all of Friday and Sunday, and got a fair few "nice hat" and "Man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything" got repeated a few times. Special mentions to the folks in the full Aliens marines; the full-blown Alien; the woman with the crocheted facehugger (and the alien pod bag, and the Wonder Woman crocheted costume); a Gamora; and so many more that my tired brain can't remember properly.

And now to the panels. I'm going to be a little bit brutal here, as there was a few items I was less happy with. Overall, loved them, and judging from digging around Twitter a bit, one person's "amazing panel" is another person's "boring, done before", but I'll chime in myself anyways. The full schedule was pretty crowded, so there's a few things I missed (one on time travel for instance), but I think I saw a good set:

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