Convention posts

Telepresence Dalek: Part 2 – Video - 25 Jun 2015 Convention  Hardware  Javascript 

Previously I wrote about the remote control parts of the Telepresence Dalek, but that’s only half the problem. The other half is video, both to provide a view of the Dalek’s PoV for the operator and to display the operator’s face on the Dalek. I’d been thinking about this problem for several months before actually getting…

Telepresence Dalek: Part 1 – Remote control - 18 Apr 2015 Convention  Hardware  Howto  Javascript  Python 

Earlier this month, I went to a science-fiction convention by the name of Dysprosium. At said convention was a competition called “Dalekdrome”, with the idea of taking remote controlled Daleks and then customising them. When I was first told about this, I was at another convention where someone was attending via a telepresence robot, and so…

NineWorlds 2014 writeup - 13 Aug 2014 Convention 

Despite having had the last couple of days off, I hadn't managed a NineWorlds writeup yet. That I basically went plonk on Monday is part of the reason, but hey, here I am now. When you look at the list of stuff I did, you may understand. Also, this is probably missing many things I can't remember. Note to self: write notes.