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serial_test - 3.0.0, multi-key support - 6 Jan 2024 Rust  serial_test 

16 million downloads and still adding features

serial_test - 7 million downloads, and 1.0 - 17 Jan 2023 Rust  serial_test 

7 million downloads, and 1.0

Parallel for serial_test - 5 Jun 2022 Rust  serial_test 

parallel attribute support for serial_test

Tuvix: Experimental hermetic build engine with Starlark - 19 Mar 2022 DevOps  Rust 

Experimental hermetic build engine with Starlark

Cavalcade: PostgreSQL-backed AMQP broker - 16 Jan 2022 DevOps  RabbitMQ  Rust  Tools 

Or, avoiding dealing with RabbitMQ clustering

PoC Terraform Provider in Rust - 7 Nov 2021 DevOps  Rust  Tools 

In this week’s Yak shaving: Trying to write a Terraform Provider in Rust.

Awesome Rust projects for Hacktoberfest - 10 Oct 2021 Rust 

TL;DR - there’s a list of Rust projects at the end of this post that want Hacktoberfest submissions, and are at least fairly decent ones :)

Celebrating 100,000 downloads of serial_test - 23 Jun 2020 Rust  serial_test 

About 18 months ago I was wondering how to make Rust tests run in serial occasionally and I wrote a little crate called “serial_test” to solve this. I was digging through some other things, and idly noted that serial_test now has over 100,000 downloads, and so it’s probably a good time for a little retrospective on it.

AWS Lambda and Actix: easy conversion of small web apps into serverless - 23 Apr 2019 Cloud  Rust  Tools 

I’ve been idly considering the uses of serverless computing, and I’m still not convinced it’s worth it. I’ve used it before, mostly as a means to make things happen in response to AWS events, but the pattern everyone talks about is using them to run web apps, and I’m not fully convinced about that. However,…

Serialising Rust tests - 14 Jan 2019 Rust  serial_test  Tools 

I’m once again prodding the potboiler tests and a couple of the tests I was doing wanted to mess around with the shared database. This had the problem that multiple tests would collide with each other, as the default for Rust testing is to run everything in parallel. This is unusual, but good in many…

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