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Home Assistant IP ban allow list plugin - 4 Apr 2024 home-assistant  Python 

Stopping your IP from getting banned by Home Assistant

Migrating from PostgreSQL to CockroachDB - 14 Jun 2023 DevOps  Howto  Python 

Migrating from PostgreSQL to CockroachDB

Paracrine - 31 Jan 2023 DevOps  Python 

A deployment tool, based off Mitogen

tagpy: Taking it over and doing a new release with wheels - 3 Jan 2023 Python 

tagpy: Taking it over and doing a new release with wheels

On Infrastructure: Mitogen - 17 Oct 2021 infrastructure  Python 

Continuing on my series about the infrastructure of a personal project. Last month I talked about the Terraform work and this month, it’s the Mitogen work.

Paternoster - 30 Sep 2021 Javascript  Python  Tools  Web 

We’ve recently been travelling around a bit with our toddler (mostly to/from his nursery), and have occasionally run into the issue of a lift that isn’t working, which is a bit of an issue when you’ve got a buggy and a tired toddler that you’d really like to not have to navigate up some steps with. My partner prodded the internet wondering if there was any sites that provided such data, and some answers eventually came back.

Scraping Lewishams bin days - 7 Sep 2020 Docker  Python  Web 

Lewisham Council have what at first glance appears to be a perfectly good webpage for figuring out what day your recycling is on. Except, there’s no API, and the pages appear to have been designed for the explicit goal of breaking every option for scripting them.

Customising Github profile pages - 11 Jul 2020 git  Python  Web 

I saw a blog post recently by Simon Willison that shows you how to use a somewhat hidden feature of Github (as in it seems well known on the internet, but it’s not in their docs). Normally, a Github profile just contains either a random set of repositories, or you can pin particular repositories if you want. However, it turns out there’s an extra hidden feature: if you have a repo with the same name as your username (e.g. palfrey/palfrey for me) and it has a, that will get displayed at the top of your profile.

munger: Scan-to-cloud for local scanners - 31 Jan 2020 Cloud  Hardware  Python 

Despite the ongoing good work in many places to move to fully digital options, many organisations remain committed to sending you shards of dead tree through the post (particularly the NHS, though I can understand that given how they’ve been burnt in the past). Keeping track of all this paper is tricky, and particularly hard…

Parochial: working around limits on DLNA players - 30 Sep 2019 Python  Tools 

A little while ago we acquired a internet-connected radio for our kitchen. We intended on using it for a variety of it’s capabilities, and my particular interest was it’s DLNA support. I figured I’d just be able to point it at my music collection and it would all be fine right? laughs  As I’m writing…

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