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Like LinkedIn, but you get paid to read the recruiter emails - 8 Jun 2022 Business Ideas  Pontification 

Like LinkedIn, but you get paid to read the recruiter emails

Virtually going to the pub - 22 Mar 2020 Business Ideas  Pontification  Tools  Web 

Due to the current pandemic, we're all on at least social distancing, and some of us on full-on lockdown. This has curtailed most people's social lives somewhat (mine less so, but a 1 year old will do that), and so various people are now doing various meetups on Zoom, Skype, Houseparty, etc. I've used these tools before, and they're good for certain use cases, but less good for others.

So we build a pub. Of sorts. Here's the model I've got in my head...

How to get a 10x developer - 6 Jan 2020 Pontification  Project Management  Rant 

Long time readers will note this post as being similarly clickbait as my earlier ‘How to be a Rockstar developer!‘. Don’t worry, hopefully there’s useful information here. (I’ve been inspired here by Keavy McKinn’s post ‘Thriving on the Technical Leadership Path’, which talks about many good things, but a lot of is about how to…

Wasted potential of The Turing Test - 13 Oct 2019 Gaming  Pontification 

I’ve been playing the Turing Test recently. No, not the test of machine intelligence, the game named after it

You should be contributing to open source. Yes, all of you! - 28 Nov 2017 Pontification 

In the wake of Hacktoberfest 2017 finishing (and I’ve managed to get the t-shirt again for the 3rd year in a row), I figured I’d try and convince a few more people to give back to open source projects. This is something I do just as part of my day-to-day work, and I want to…

AirDnD: How to do it - 7 Nov 2017 Business Ideas  Gaming  Pontification 

So earlier today there was a tweet

an app called airDnD where traveling nerds can find a role playing group to join for a night

— reBOOca get it? oooo (@rebeccawatson) 7 November 2017

Turns out it's not a radically new idea but I was still kinda curious and started plotting out how I'd do it.

How to actually secure IoT devices - 30 May 2017 Business Ideas  Hardware  Pontification  Rant 

Every day it feels like there’s some new Internet of Things (IoT) story, telling us how these new devices in our homes and offices are causing more and more havoc. On the other hand, we really like the new and shiny things doing funky things for us, and that doesn’t look like it’s slowing down…

Geeky storage ideas, but also of use to non-geeks - 20 Feb 2005 Pontification 

I've had an idea about better ways to do "consumer friendly" storage.