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Wasted potential of The Turing Test - 13 Oct 2019 Gaming  Pontification 

I’ve been playing the Turing Test recently. No, not the test of machine intelligence, the game named after it

AirDnD: How to do it - 7 Nov 2017 Business Ideas  Gaming  Pontification 

So earlier today there was a tweet

an app called airDnD where traveling nerds can find a role playing group to join for a night

— reBOOca get it? oooo (@rebeccawatson) 7 November 2017

Turns out it's not a radically new idea but I was still kinda curious and started plotting out how I'd do it.

Rapid-fire Fiasco-style pseudo-LARP... in a (fictional) car - 28 Nov 2012 Gaming 

I've got a somewhat mad idea, which I'm thinking about trying out at Dragonmeet this weekend. This started after I read "My so-called larp: learning to love in a world without men", which is about a Nordic LARP that plays with a lot of the LARP stereotypes - no character stats, no win conditions, much more heavy on the narrative than gaming sides.

Random game ideas: Cattle prods and Sumo wrestlers - 20 Sep 2010 Gaming 

Random game ideas: Cattle prods and Sumo wrestlers

Diegetic death in Halo: Reach - 19 Sep 2010 Diegesis  Gaming 

Spoiler warning: Unless you've already completed Halo: Reach, there will be spoilers within. I'm going to spend some time wittering on about other stuff first, but there will be spoilers later on. If you're intending on playing it, I'd advise doing so before reading this. I'M NOT KIDDING HERE. I WILL BE SPOILING THE ENTIRE PLOT INCLUDING THE ENDING.

Portal - 9 Dec 2007 Gaming