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Cavalcade: PostgreSQL-backed AMQP broker - 16 Jan 2022 DevOps  RabbitMQ  Rust  Tools 

Or, avoiding dealing with RabbitMQ clustering

Pyrexia: IoT office temperature monitoring - 29 Nov 2015 Clojure  RabbitMQ  Rant  Technology 

Most of the projects I write about here are pretty much complete, or at least good enough. This one is a little bit more of a work in progress for reasons that will become clear fairly soon… One of the ongoing conversations in LShift over the years has been regarding the temperature in the office. It…

Coney: RabbitMQ config tool - 27 May 2015 Clojure  RabbitMQ  Tools 

A while back, I was playing around with a series of tools to test RabbitMQ in various related configurations. Now, one thing that these tools had in common, was that the users they were running as only had enough permissions to publish or consume messages, but not to configure the queues/exchange/bindings. This isn’t a common…