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"Lights Out" with a keyboard - 30 May 2023 C  Hardware 

"Lights Out" with a keyboard

Experiments in converting code from C to Rust - 27 Nov 2018 C  Rust  Tools 

I’m quite fond of Rust (as a few blog posts on the topic may indicate), but one item I hadn’t really explored was replacing/rewriting existing C code bases in Rust. There’s a general joke about the general notion of “rewriting everything in Rust is of course always the right thing to do!” (Google “rust evangelism…

Using the BBC micro:bit with PlatformIO - 28 Aug 2016 C  Hardware  Programming  Tools 

I recently acquired a micro:bit, the new BBC device intended for helping computer education. After a bit of delay, they’ve finally starting shipping the device, and now members of the public like myself can grab one. So, why this device in the middle of a sea of other options in the modern embedded environment? Well,…

Spark Core-based proxy - 10 Aug 2015 C  Hardware  Python 

Regular readers of this blog will have seen my earlier post on Dalek remote control where I used a Spark Core to connect the Dalek’s remote control to the internet. However, in the second post I noted how hotel Wi-Fi is basically evil, and so I ran into all manner of problems with connecting the Spark to the Wi-Fi in…