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ESLint plugin to require preventDefault for onClick - 13 Nov 2022 Javascript  Tools 

ESLint plugin to require preventDefault for onClick

Cavalcade: PostgreSQL-backed AMQP broker - 16 Jan 2022 DevOps  RabbitMQ  Rust  Tools 

Or, avoiding dealing with RabbitMQ clustering

PoC Terraform Provider in Rust - 7 Nov 2021 DevOps  Rust  Tools 

In this week’s Yak shaving: Trying to write a Terraform Provider in Rust.

Paternoster - 30 Sep 2021 Javascript  Python  Tools  Web 

We’ve recently been travelling around a bit with our toddler (mostly to/from his nursery), and have occasionally run into the issue of a lift that isn’t working, which is a bit of an issue when you’ve got a buggy and a tired toddler that you’d really like to not have to navigate up some steps with. My partner prodded the internet wondering if there was any sites that provided such data, and some answers eventually came back.

Immutable Systems Infrastructure, or how to mashup Kubernetes and Nix - 20 Feb 2021 DevOps  Rant  Tools 

TL;DR: Proposal for a way to define multiple-machine systems in a immutable way, without requiring by-hand layouts.

Virtually going to the pub - 22 Mar 2020 Business Ideas  Pontification  Tools  Web 

Due to the current pandemic, we're all on at least social distancing, and some of us on full-on lockdown. This has curtailed most people's social lives somewhat (mine less so, but a 1 year old will do that), and so various people are now doing various meetups on Zoom, Skype, Houseparty, etc. I've used these tools before, and they're good for certain use cases, but less good for others.

So we build a pub. Of sorts. Here's the model I've got in my head...

Parochial: working around limits on DLNA players - 30 Sep 2019 Python  Tools 

A little while ago we acquired a internet-connected radio for our kitchen. We intended on using it for a variety of it’s capabilities, and my particular interest was it’s DLNA support. I figured I’d just be able to point it at my music collection and it would all be fine right? laughs  As I’m writing…

Building a GuixSD Vagrant box - 20 Jul 2019 DevOps  Tools 

I’ve been curious about the use of declarative mechanisms for creating operating systems for some time. In contrast to most configuration management tools which say certain things that will be true and let everything else do what it likes (particular packages will be installed, particular services in a named state, etc), declarative mechanisms declare the…

Vellere: exposing Github vulnerability notifications to Slack - 24 May 2019 Python  Tools 

A few years ago, Github introduced vulnerability alerts on repositories and although it was initially just for Javascript and Ruby, they’ve since expanded it to Python, Java and .Net and I’m guessing more languages are also on their roadmap. It’s a useful feature, except for one problem: it’s notifications are poorly implemented. They appear to…

AWS Lambda and Actix: easy conversion of small web apps into serverless - 23 Apr 2019 Cloud  Rust  Tools 

I’ve been idly considering the uses of serverless computing, and I’m still not convinced it’s worth it. I’ve used it before, mostly as a means to make things happen in response to AWS events, but the pattern everyone talks about is using them to run web apps, and I’m not fully convinced about that. However,…

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