DevOps posts

Paracrine - 31 Jan 2023 DevOps  Python 

A deployment tool, based off Mitogen

Tuvix: Experimental hermetic build engine with Starlark - 19 Mar 2022 DevOps  Rust 

Experimental hermetic build engine with Starlark

Cavalcade: PostgreSQL-backed AMQP broker - 16 Jan 2022 DevOps  RabbitMQ  Rust  Tools 

Or, avoiding dealing with RabbitMQ clustering

PoC Terraform Provider in Rust - 7 Nov 2021 DevOps  Rust  Tools 

In this week’s Yak shaving: Trying to write a Terraform Provider in Rust.

Immutable Systems Infrastructure, or how to mashup Kubernetes and Nix - 20 Feb 2021 DevOps  Rant  Tools 

TL;DR: Proposal for a way to define multiple-machine systems in a immutable way, without requiring by-hand layouts.

Building a GuixSD Vagrant box - 20 Jul 2019 DevOps  Tools 

I’ve been curious about the use of declarative mechanisms for creating operating systems for some time. In contrast to most configuration management tools which say certain things that will be true and let everything else do what it likes (particular packages will be installed, particular services in a named state, etc), declarative mechanisms declare the…