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23 Mar 2017

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Beatnik is an esoteric programming language that’s been recently amusing me (as they occasionally do). The core idea is that words in the source code are interpreted as their Scrabble scores, and those scores then do things (mostly involving messing with a stack). This leads then to the possibility of an alternate form of the language, where the scores are explicitly listed, and indeed an earlier implementation of the language defined this form, calling it Wottasquare.

I started building Peacenik as a Beatnik interpreter, but then realised there was a series of other interesting tools around the language I could incorporate. For starters, there’s a Wottasquare interpreter, and a “dumper” that converts from Wottasquare to Beatnik. Given Wottasquare is fractionally easier to write for, can we convert back the other way? Well, you could build a trivial converter that just picks a fixed word for each wanted score, but that’s kinda boring. If however we have some fun with Markov chains, then a bunch of other options become doable. Namely, given a random source text of decent length, we can make a Markov chain that represents the probability of words (and non-word characters) following each other in the source text, and use that to generate Beatnik programs by picking a next word with the right Scrabble score.

Here’s a fun example: take the text of Hamlet and use it to regenerate the ‘Hello World’ example. I’ve tidied it up a little bit for capitalisation and excessive non-word usage, but here’s what it spat out. Remember, this is a valid computer program!

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of prithee she’s, of seduce than does well ended enter king. That but
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hath made of my love of my fear ay face this arm entertainment than.

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their ends serpent that we can save gone king hear of fashion fire.
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Of defeated that he walk’d that we.

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travel Laertes. He lack Laertes long shall bruit did long will he I
well King of tedious done top. That ay Horatio, says we two eyes of
if your lap justice my dear Lord?

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of wrote? My of these your sum is heir, vow he preaching he went.
Your, he very well, said, methinks fran if, Hamlet thee of God this
man hath borne, wi’ speaks. My state, savageness natural but if thou
thy state. Ham of trumpets your dust justly this did blazes, shot we
the purer of flowers than if christian hits put. Procession that would
pol gainst long distemper, Thou, of unsinew’d fall from top neck from.

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