On the value of maintenance

13 Mar 2019

Originally posted at https://tech.labs.oliverwyman.com/blog/2019/03/13/on-the-value-of-maintenance/

Most of our posts here talk about new software, but there’s also a lot of value in the longer-term maintenance of code and given I’ve done some of that recently, I thought it worth revisiting various earlier projects in that light. None of these are really large enough to have their own post, but collectively they’re worth noting.

Also, in the general theme of maintenance, this isn’t just useful on your own projects. An area of fairly easy contribution to open source work (as I occasionally also talk about) is keeping an eye out for build failures when visiting the project pages of any libraries you use. Those projects are usually happy to receive fixes, as I’ve done recently for both failure and error-chain while doing some of the Potboiler work above.

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