Awesome Rust projects for Hacktoberfest

10 Oct 2021


TL;DR - there’s a list of Rust projects at the end of this post that want Hacktoberfest submissions, and are at least fairly decent ones :)

It’s once again October, and that means Hacktoberfest. I’ve been doing it every year (except for the first) and I’m on track for another t-shirt this year. Last year wasn’t a great year for it, mostly because of a vast number of spam PRs and so they’ve introduced a more opt-in mechanism this time, namely that projects need to be tagged “hacktoberfest” in order to participate, which seems to have helped the spam rate a lot.

It also means we’ve got data on what projects want this sort of contribution in a structured manner, which is useful from other perspectives. I’m one of the maintainers for awesome-rust, a list of “awesome” Rust projects (current definition of said is a certain number of downloads or Github stars because trying to come up with a definition is otherwise hard), and one of the things I wrote for that over the last two years is a tool that parses the README and checks links. It already has code to get Github data for the repos and I then realised “huh, I could hack around with this and get a list of awesome-rust projects that are tagged for hacktoberfest”, so I did so.

The list as right now is below, and I suggest that if you’re looking for good Hacktoberfest issues, then start with these projects:

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