serial_test - 7 million downloads, and 1.0

17 Jan 2023

Rust  serial_test 

Half a year ago, I wrote about serial_test hitting 4 million downloads and the possibility of releasing a 1.0 with where it was so far. Well, features and ideas keep coming in, and that didn't happen at that point. OTOH, we've now hit 7 million downloads and the day has finally come for the 1.0 release! This is identical to the 0.10 release (barring a tiny test dependency upgrade), but let's talk a bit about what's come in since my last blog post on this:

Quite a few things! Every time I think we've found the entire set of sensible things for this library, the users come up with something new that fits in or some odd corner case, which certainly keeps me interested in working on it.

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