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Virtually going to the pub - 22 Mar 2020 Tools  Web  Pontification  Business Ideas 

Due to the current pandemic, we're all on at least social distancing, and some of us on full-on lockdown. This has curtailed most people's social lives somewhat (mine less so, but a 1 year old will do that), and so various people are now doing various meetups on Zoom, Skype, Houseparty, etc. I've used these tools before, and they're good for certain use cases, but less good for others. So we build a pub. Of sorts. Here's the model I've got in my head...

Business Idea: Animal Sanctuary video feeds - 10 Dec 2017 Business Ideas 

A while back I built a tool for displaying live videos of kittens. At the time, one of the things I discovered was that despite there being umpteen billions of cat videos on the internet, there are relatively few live video streams (and only one tortoise feed AFAIK). One of the main ones is TinyKittens, who do great work with feral cats, but I was always wondering about why there isn't more of this sort of thing. Then yesterday I was at the demo day for Escape the City's Career Change Accelerator (which my partner has been on recently), and one of their cohort mentioned wanting to work in a turtle sanctuary, which made me think about this problem again.

AirDnD: How to do it - 7 Nov 2017 Gaming  Pontification  Business Ideas 

So earlier today there was a tweet

Turns out it's not a radically new idea but I was still kinda curious and started plotting out how I'd do it.

How to actually secure IoT devices - 30 May 2017 Hardware  Rant  Pontification  Business Ideas 

Every day it feels like there’s some new Internet of Things (IoT) story, telling us how these new devices in our homes and offices are causing more and more havoc. On the other hand, we really like the new and shiny things doing funky things for us, and that doesn’t look like it’s slowing down…