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On Infrastructure: Mitogen - 17 Oct 2021 infrastructure  Python 

Continuing on my series about the infrastructure of a personal project. Last month I talked about the Terraform work and this month, it’s the Mitogen work.

Awesome Rust projects for Hacktoberfest - 10 Oct 2021 Rust 

TL;DR - there’s a list of Rust projects at the end of this post that want Hacktoberfest submissions, and are at least fairly decent ones :)

Paternoster - 30 Sep 2021 Javascript  Python  Tools  Web 

We’ve recently been travelling around a bit with our toddler (mostly to/from his nursery), and have occasionally run into the issue of a lift that isn’t working, which is a bit of an issue when you’ve got a buggy and a tired toddler that you’d really like to not have to navigate up some steps with. My partner prodded the internet wondering if there was any sites that provided such data, and some answers eventually came back.

On Infrastructure: Terraform - 15 Sep 2021 Cloud  infrastructure 

Over the past couple of years I’ve been working on a particular side project. I’ve had the idea kicking around for a while, and planned on releasing it to the public (at least in a limited form) last year, but then 2020 happened, and we’re still in all of that in 2021, so there’s been a few delays. I’m still a way away from actually releasing anything, but now is a good time to talk about some of the infrastructure work there, as I think it’s worth sharing.

Theory of Mind in Numberblocks - 5 Apr 2021 Rant 

Before I start this I should clarify something: yes, I know it’s just a show for kids, and I’m a fan of the lessons and techniques it’s using behind the candy-coated facade. However it’s also weirding me out in various ways, and so I felt this needed discussing. I’ve only actually watched the first two episodes (along with my toddler), but I think this got enough of the core concept over that I can at least vaguely talk about this.

Immutable Systems Infrastructure, or how to mashup Kubernetes and Nix - 20 Feb 2021 DevOps  Rant  Tools 

TL;DR: Proposal for a way to define multiple-machine systems in a immutable way, without requiring by-hand layouts.

Scraping Lewishams bin days - 7 Sep 2020 Docker  Python  Web 

Lewisham Council have what at first glance appears to be a perfectly good webpage for figuring out what day your recycling is on. Except, there’s no API, and the pages appear to have been designed for the explicit goal of breaking every option for scripting them.

Customising Github profile pages - 11 Jul 2020 git  Python  Web 

I saw a blog post recently by Simon Willison that shows you how to use a somewhat hidden feature of Github (as in it seems well known on the internet, but it’s not in their docs). Normally, a Github profile just contains either a random set of repositories, or you can pin particular repositories if you want. However, it turns out there’s an extra hidden feature: if you have a repo with the same name as your username (e.g. palfrey/palfrey for me) and it has a, that will get displayed at the top of your profile.

Celebrating 100,000 downloads of serial_test - 23 Jun 2020 Rust  serial_test 

About 18 months ago I was wondering how to make Rust tests run in serial occasionally and I wrote a little crate called “serial_test” to solve this. I was digging through some other things, and idly noted that serial_test now has over 100,000 downloads, and so it’s probably a good time for a little retrospective on it.

Virtually going to the pub - 22 Mar 2020 Business Ideas  Pontification  Tools  Web 

Due to the current pandemic, we're all on at least social distancing, and some of us on full-on lockdown. This has curtailed most people's social lives somewhat (mine less so, but a 1 year old will do that), and so various people are now doing various meetups on Zoom, Skype, Houseparty, etc. I've used these tools before, and they're good for certain use cases, but less good for others.

So we build a pub. Of sorts. Here's the model I've got in my head...

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